Helmets $ 5.00/ day
Player/ Goalie  Skates $4.00/day
Player Gloves  $ 3.00/day
Glove and blocker (Goalie) $ Set $5.00/day
Chest protector $ 4.00/day
Hockey Rentals Rates
In our resort, we have all of the vital equipment you need to play hockey. If you have left any equipment at home or wanting to try it, we got you covered.  

*All rentals requited a $x despite and ID. All participation must sign a waiver before partake in any staking activities. 

Full hockey equipment rentals

Hockey players equipment package: $
includes: Helmets, skates, stick, gloves, chest protector, hockey pants, elbow and sinn pad :  $29.00 package/per day 
Goalie equipment package: $  
includes: Goalie mask, skates, sticks, glove and blocker, goalie pads,  chest protector, pants  $29.00 package/day
Hockey pants $ 4.00/day
Elbow and shin pads $ 3.00/day
Figure Skates $   5.00/day
Player or Goalie stick $ 2.00/day
Goalie pads $ 4.00/ day
Mouth guards $ 10.00
Neck Guards $ 15.00
Water bottles $ 4.00
Hockey jerseys $ 15.00
Socks $ 8.00
Hockey tape $  3.00
Hockey laces $  2.00
Jocks and Jill $ 24.00 
Thing you can buy at the resort: 
Ice rink Rentals



Please contact us directly for quotes and time bookings for you events and dates.